TurnOn is out - check the first 35 press reviews

TurnOn was recently launched on Xbox One, PC and Mac and we would like to share with you the first reviews and impression from bloggers and press.

Review sorted as they appeared:
Xbox Sector (ENG) - Review - 8.1/10
Geekmode (ENG) - Review - 8.1/10
Xbox-mag (FR) - Review - 4/5
PixlBot (ENG) - Review - Highly recommended!
We got this covered (ENG) - Review3,5 / 5 Good
Blot Gaming (ENG) - Review - 8/10
Czech Gamer (CZ) - Review - 65%
Areajugones (SPA) - Review - 6,5
Gamingnerd (GER) - Review78%
Xbox Gamer Reviews (ENG) - Review - 7/10
Gameit (SPA) - Review - Positive
Life is Xbox (ENG) - Review - 86%
Actugaming (FR) - Review - 6/10
Xboxgameon (ENG) - Review - 7,5/10
1080players (ENG) - Review - 80/100
Destructoid (ENG) - Review - 55/100
Games (CH-ENG) - Review - 81%
Everyeye (IT) - Review - 70/100
Xboxoneuk (ENG) - Review - 8/10
Xboxenthusiast (ENG) - Review - 8/10
Spaziogames (IT) - Review - 6,5/10
ResetMX (SPA) - Review - 8,8/10
Gamebrain (IT) - Review - 4/5
Xboxweb (CZ) - Review - 8/10
VGTimes (RUS) - Review - 6,6/10
Accesoxbox (SPA) - Review - 7,5/10
Xboxgameon (ENG) - Review - 7,5/10
Inside Xbox (GER) - Review - 7,7/10
Pure Xbox (ENG) - Review - 6/10
Busted (GRE) - Review - 7/10
Xbox Live (FR) - Review - Positive
Player2reviews (ENG) - Review - 8,5/10
Stratege (RUS) - Review - 70/100
TheGamerholis (ENG) - Review - Positive
Video Chums (ENG) - Review - 7.9/10

We would like to say thanks to all reviewers for fair feedback. We appreciate that most of reviewers highlighted our pros: gameplay, achievement system, graphic style and atmosphere.

But we didn't stop on that - now we have a lot of work with all our cons to make our game even better in the next updates.

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TurnOn coming to Steam and Xbox One on June 1st 2016!

Finally it's happened! TurnOn coming to Xbox One and Steam on June 1st 2016!

Well! After more than 2 years of hard work we're very proud to announce that TurnOn got an official release date. In this electric sidescroller puzzle-platformer without platforms we tried to tell what can happen if the electricity suddenly dissapears. We mean at all. Electrical appliances will stop working, it will no lights on the streets, no Internet, mobile communications, and people will take to the street to see what was going on. Can you conceive it?!

Being small indie team-of-4, we tried to make TurnOn as good as it was possible, and we hope you'll appreciate our debut game on Xbox One, PC and Mac.

The game will be available on 19 languages with ESRB:10 and PEGI:3 age ratings.

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TurnOn Teaser for WWF's Earth Hour

Many years people could not imagine their life without electricity and light. The Humanity built many power stations and invented a big number of the ways to make the world bright. But what if the night will come suddenly?

Dear friends! A little over 2 years ago our game designer Ilia Antonov told us about a global environmental movement Earth Hour, which is held by WWF. To be honest we were really hooked and inspired by the main idea of this event - to use your power to #ChangeClimateChange. And then we thought: can we create a game with a similar setting? Firstly we tried to imagine sudden tripping the light. Next – never having electricity. And finally darkness – everywhere. Can you conceive it?

In such a simple manner TurnOn was born.

Today, when the next Earth Hour is coming, we are ready to tell you our own small story in hope that the world will become the way it was before but a little better and kinder. The game will be available soon this spring for Xbox One, PC and Mac on 19 languages, right now it's in the QA process and gets game age ratings (ESRB, PEGI and others).

Thanks for being with us and your support.

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Interesting games from Imagine Cup 2015 Russian Final

17-18 April 2015 has been held the Russian Final of the world's largest technology competition Imagine Cup, which was attended by 21 student teams from all over Russia. These guys are traditionally presented their projects in three categories: "World Citizenship", "Innovations" and "Games", participation in the last of which ended with victory for our studio last year.

ic 2015 russia

Sure we decided to take part in this significant event for us, we could not miss this event for several reasons: here are the unique atmosphere and the spirit of competition, huge number of talented and ambitious young people come from the whole country, and also around the competition was formed a professional and competent community during last years. Evgenii Romin was invited as a jury member in our favorite nomination "Games", we had participated as spectators, met a lot of new friends and got new connections and just had a good time.

It is worth noting that over the years the level and quality of projects consistently growing and winners were really the best. For more information of all the winners you can read, for example, here https://hi-tech.mail.ru/news/imagine-cup-2015-russia-goes-final.html or watch good report here http://lifenews.ru/mobile/news/152865 (caution: Russian!), but we want to share with you the projects from "Games".

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TurnOn has been Greenlit!

Once again we have good news!

good-news en

TurnOn has been Greenlit by the Community! It took us 12 days to collect nearly 2,000 votes "for" and get to the place 94 in the top 100 among more than 1800 games that are currently trying to get on Steam.

steam stats ru 650px

Given that Steam Greenlight constantly evolved, and besides Valve announced its processing, numbers and results that we have can be a cause for pride. It turned out that getting Greenlit was a little easier than we expected. A week later, we have already collected 1,852 votes and were in the top 100, but to suppose that the cherished goal is close, we did not dare.

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Journey to Steam Greenlight

TurnOn development goes at full tilt and we prepared several news for you:

IndieDB new art 01 

Week ago we had started Steam Greenlight campaign - we would be more than grateful for your vote here:

greenlight browse logo

In case you have Steam profile - add us to friends play together:http://steamcommunity.com/id/brainystudio/

If you're game developer send us link to your Greenlight project, we'll add it in our collection and will vote for it:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416034363

Also we made our team & projects page on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/company/brainystudio. Will be great if you check it out and plus it.


We decided to make the dev process more open and transparent. That's why we'll stream it every Saturday to show development from different angles. Join conversation and follow us in Twitch to be noticed when we'll start the streams:http://twitch.tv/brainystudio

team white

Tnx for previous and current support, let's keep in touch =)

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