Our Projects

Application for Windows 8, Windows Phone 7-8

WitchCraft (adventure 2D game)

In search of a new home, haunted by the failures in the way of WitchCraft development, one good Witch opens her own magic shop for goods and services, with the faith that this would bring her wealth and good reputation.

WitchCraft - is an adventure game which is developed special for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform (Later we will make iOS and Android version). This Game tells the interesting story about fantastic and amazing adventure of witch named Rudgrid. She tries to learn magic skills and the player has to help her.

  • 5 story episodes
  • 7 different types of gameplay that will not get bored throughout the entire game
  • 4 arcade mode that will test the magical ability of the player
  • And an endless amount of fun

In our Game, we gather all the best that we and our friends like in the modern mobile applications. Combining the art and modern technology, we focus on creating a Game, from where the player receive absolutely different user experiences, new emotions and unforgettable impressions.

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End of Life (Informational)

Since the beginning of time, mankind was frightened by the coming Armageddon, or more simply - the End of the World. A lot of seers, prophets, and the astrologers call us to live in expectation of the catastrophe of universal scale, which put an end to the history of civilization. Now the world stood in anxious anticipation of the next offensive End of the World.

With this application you will learn all the possible options for the "End of the World". Our motto: "Forewarned is Forearmed".

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English Tenses (Educational)

The application is a guide for those who are learning English and includes: a brief description of each of the 12 tenses, the words and expressions - markers of the tenses, the formula for constructing all tenses in active and passive voice, and the example sentences for each tenses with a translation into Russian language.

The application includes a user-friendly interface navigation between different tenses, in addition, when you press and hold on the underlined words and sentences - prompt appears.

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Applications for Kinect

WitchCraft. Potions Brewing.

Application "Potions Brewing" with sensor Kinect - it's part of the game WitchCraft, which was developed specifically for demonstration of gameplay at Russian Local Finals of Imagine Cup 2013.

This is unique gameplay mechanic, where player mixes ingredients and color extracts in the cauldron, follows sequence specified in the recipe.

KFC Arcade

Application "KFC Arcade" was specifically designed for fast food restaurant chain KFC. In the game you will need to serve customers by dragging the finished orders from the kitchen table on a tray.