Angry Bees

Where do bears get honey? They steal it from bees, of course! The bees are fed up with that, and they allow you to punish the clumsy thieves!

Help the bees to bring honey back to the hive! With the help of the Bees Queen launch the bees into the barricades built by the bears to protect honey. Use different characters and abilities: a bandit-bee’s poisonous sting, a samurai-bee’s keen sword, the Indian bee’s power and others.

Colorful graphics and amusing characters! Unlock all five episodes with different kinds of bears and bees! Bring the honey hidden on an Apiary by clumsy robbers back to the bees. Then explore every secluded nook of the Primeval forest, North Pole, Enchanting East and Wild West. Each map reveals new characters, barricades and exciting adventure!

Give a good teach to the cunning bears and restore the justice! On different maps you will meet 4 kinds of bears living in different corners of the planet. Brown, white, panda and grizzly bears – with each new level clumsy slyboots come up with new fortifications to prevent the bees from getting honey.

Some of the bears even wear protective suits and helmets so that victory won’t be easy! Destroy the bears’ defense and gather the honeycombs to buy useful  items and bonuses and become stronger!