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Game "WitchCraft"

"In search of a new home, haunted by the failures in the way of WitchCraft development, one good Witch opens her own magic shop for goods and services, with the faith that this would bring her wealth and good reputation."

WitchCraft - is an adventure game which is developed special for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform. THIS GAME tells the interesting story about fantastic and amazing adventure of Witch named Rudgrid.

WitchCraft uses the latest Microsoft and Nokia technology for game development, so you can enjoy amazingly beautiful graphics, clear and high detailed elaboration of objects, bright and colorful characters and FX. The background game music is written specially for the game and you can feel magic mystery atmosphere. It all together immerses you into the fantastic world and makes you forget about everyday problems of the real world!

The game is divided into two parts:

• Story Mode, in which you help the Witch Runfrid create potions and spells to help the villagers to solve their unusual problems. In the game you will be presented with varied gameplay, which includes a variety of mini-games: hidden object, collecting beetles, mixing the ingredients, the creation of magical characters, exciting chases and more.

• Arcade Mode, where you can try your hand in the passage of the mini-games and puzzles of the campaign story on speed and reaction. Also here will be available to new levels of mini-games of varying complexity.

New material

  • Ingredients Search

    Image 01

    For every spells or potions player should look for ingredients in unusual places. Witch is search for ingredients, collect and combine them, use detected objects for extract the next.

    In each new episode, Witch arrive to a completely new and unfamiliar location. This genre of games is called Hidden Objects.

    The closest analogs: Mystery Manor, Mysteryvile 2

  • Bugs Elimination

    Image 02

    Major ingredient of any potion is MEGA BUG, which is appears only in emergency situations, such as the mass death of his relatives =)

    Here, Player must smash and crush various insects (bugs) to fill the rage scale of MEGA BUG and thus force him go outdoor. By using combos, you can speed up the Rage accumulation process.

    The closest analogs: Fruit Ninja, Fast Knife

  • Magic Signs

    Image 03

    Sometimes Player have to draw (lead round) special magical signs, in episodes with boss battles or potions preparation to secure the magical effect.

    One shouldn't remove finger from the screen and go through at least one edge more than one time - otherwise you'll have to start all over again.

    The closest analogs: Path of Kara, U connect

  • Puzzles

    Image 04

    In some places of the story Player will have to "clean up" and "set everything into place", for example place colored extracts in order before potion brewing.

    For that purpose in our game introduced "Fifteen puzzle" analog. The goal - to move the squares ordering them in the way to get a whole picture.

    The closest analogs: Fifteen, Puzzle Touch

  • Potions Brewing

    Image 04

    Unique gameplay element, where Player mixes the found ingredients and color extracts in the cauldron, follow sequence specified in the recipe.

    Draws a magic signs and pronounce by voice spells to secure the desired effect. It is very cool and innovative, just as the project "Wonderbook: Book of Spells" for PS3 =)

    The closest analogs: Unique, First to Market

  • The Сonsequences

    Image 04

    Our Witch is still study and sometimes her potions have unexpected consequences =)

    The most important thing - to have time get away from the enraged customer, if something went wrong. Using the accelerometer, tilt phone left or right Player can accelerate and slow down to avoid obstacles.

    The closest analogs: Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride

  • Image 01 Ingredients Search
  • Image 02 Bugs Elimination
  • Image 03 Magic Signs
  • Image 04 Puzzles
  • Image 05 Potions Brewing
  • Image 06 The Сonsequences

(GamePlay Video doesn't contain spoilers):

Our challenge is to create a fun and bright image of the universe WitchCraft. Namely, to develop the atmospheric environment, charismatic characters, and most importantly, pay a lot of attention to detail.

The Demo version shows only one story from the life of Rudgrild, as you have noticed her personality and unique approach to magic fills her life by adventures and extraordinary events.

In our universe, there will be new characters, new locations, will be brewed more than a dozen potions that will have interesting consequences. There will be a lot of fun and interesting gameplay.

The most important, our game has many different kinds of gameplay combined in one application (for the prototype we have implemented eight different gameplay), which use such technologies as accelerometer, gesture and speech recognition.

Just imagine, that player has to say different magical spells by voice to the phone and when he said it in the right way - magic happens on the screen =)

Technology and Architecture - The game is developed for the Windows phone platform and uses an architecture that combines multiple XAML+XNA pages. For the implementation of several types of game mechanics, we use special libraries to work with the accelerometer, xml-files, isolated storage of data, voice and gesture recognition. The object-oriented approach is widely used in game development, we has implemented several tens of new classes. The game uses a sprite animation that allows to “live up” game scenes. Actively solve the problem of optimization of memory and CPU load. The game will use less than 90 MB of RAM, with no loss of picture quality and sound effects.

Business Model – The revenue model is demoware. Demo version is free, full version - paid.

In addition, the game provides in-game purchases: player can buy secret levels, new clothes for witch, new spells, choose new pet and different bonus.

WitchCraft Music

Especially for game we created a lot of music, which very helps to involve player in the storytelling process, creates and maintains a magical mood throughout the entire game =)

WitchCraft - The Main Theme 

WitchCraft - Bugs Rush 

WitchCraft - Light Magic 

WitchCraft - An Exciting Chase 

WitchCraft - The Potion