TurnOn Teaser for WWF's Earth Hour

Many years people could not imagine their life without electricity and light. The Humanity built many power stations and invented a big number of the ways to make the world bright. But what if the night will come suddenly?

Dear friends! A little over 2 years ago our game designer Ilia Antonov told us about a global environmental movement Earth Hour, which is held by WWF. To be honest we were really hooked and inspired by the main idea of this event - to use your power to #ChangeClimateChange. And then we thought: can we create a game with a similar setting? Firstly we tried to imagine sudden tripping the light. Next – never having electricity. And finally darkness – everywhere. Can you conceive it?

In such a simple manner TurnOn was born.

Today, when the next Earth Hour is coming, we are ready to tell you our own small story in hope that the world will become the way it was before but a little better and kinder. The game will be available soon this spring for Xbox One, PC and Mac on 19 languages, right now it's in the QA process and gets game age ratings (ESRB, PEGI and others).

Thanks for being with us and your support.